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We are an auto wrecker Ajax-based company, a busy place with hardworking employees, looking after customers steady flow or junk car owners. Fast scrap car removal grew from a common interest in collecting and restoring old vehicles.

Are you looking for an auto wreckers Ajax services near you? Fast Scrap Removal is committed to providing a standard towing and wrecking for your junk cars or trucks.

Whether you’re stuck in the middle of the road or want to remove your car or need to get your car out of the crash zone right away, you can count on our professionals.

So whenever you trust our car wrecker services, you will be surprised to have one of the leading and standardized auto wrecking, that has unbeatable pricing and unmatchable quality services in the entire Ajax.

Our fleet can carry heavy loads, and we can assist you at any time of the day or night.

We take pride, in providing competitive rates for your old or junk vehicle, or supplying a quality checked spare parts. In case you require.

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How Can We Help You in Used Parts?

We have focused on buying and selling both new and re-conditioned car spare parts in Ajax for many years. We mainly provide high-quality spare parts of various junk or scrap cars in Ajax at competitive prices.

Our specialization is in suitable spare part and a permanent stock of various parts for all your engines. This service’s main goal is to get your engines to work with maximum efficiency and minimal downtime. So, the of the most obvious factor to avail tour quality used parts one is your budget. Like any car market study, Ajax has a wide variety of vehicles available at any price ranging for scrapping.

The total price here refers to the combination of the amount of money required to meet the legal requirements for driving a car on the road and the actual amount of car purchase and registration and insurance. 

There are two opportunities for you:

  1. Get high quality used auto parts for reviving your old junk car.
  2. Sell your old car for recycling and get cash.


    Just provide some basic information about the service you need and we'll contact you!



    We provide top professional services for quick car removal
    Scrap Car Removal Services in Ajax

    Our Services

    Our extensive inventory of used auto parts for your cars or truck is available at our yard. We serve to facilitate you with the best quality products seven days of the week.

    Car Recycling: Fast scrap car removal in Ajax is the top organized old / scrap car and vehicle recycling company. That provides a hassle-free, quality vehicle recycling and scraps car removal.

    Car Wrecker: We will be providing the junk car towing service for all your unwanted cars or a vehicle that just broke.

    Car Scrap Yard: Hundreds of cars and vehicles from across Ajax are brought to our scrap yard and some, we bring ourselves on owner’s consent.

    Cash for Old Cars: The best part of our service is, that we are ready to pay quick cash for your old trashed, junk or scrap car or removal of its spare parts.

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    Perks – Why choose us?

    If you are based in Ajax, and willing to get rid of that old or useless car. We are here for you with;

    • Affordable car wreckers Ajax-based help. 
    • No compromise on quality. 
    • Well versed drivers in the Ajax area, to be able to reach you instantly.
    • Reliable communication service.

    We cater to you several helpful towing services in Ajax, including accident towing, breakdown car towing, car park towing, vehicle transport towing, and more.

    Cash for Scrap Car Removal in Ajax

    How to Get the Used Auto Parts in 3 Easy Steps?

    Step1: Enter your details

    Let us know your vehicle’s details, the parts you require, and how best to get in touch with you.

    Step2: Get your quotes

    We will cater and compose a suitable proposal for you to ensure the best quality auto wrecker Ajax services. And deal with the offer or any changings in procedures. In case you require spare car parts, you can avail all those from us.

    Step3: Order your parts

    With the most flexible payment and delivery options, consider it done. Fast scrap car removal offers the best auto wreckers Ajax-based helpers and provides unbeatable prices for to increase your chances of savings.

    Free Instant Quote Call Us : 416-540-0895

    Standard Auto parts and Quick Cash

    Now the decision to acquire our car wreckers Ajax services is yours. We promise quality with 100 satisfactions and cater to you the used parts which suit your needs. Moreover, our proficient workers will reach out to pull the junk or broken car all away to the junkyard really efficiently.