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What will happen when you see the junk car residing in your home?? Your mind will occupy with negativity. It’s like human beings to encourage cleanliness around him. Scrap car removal Ajax experts will foster the perfect level of junk car removal services for you. We have a reputation in dealing with wrecked and Junk cars.

Interestingly, people don’t even realize how much scrap they already have in their vicinity, that surprisingly can be turned into hard cash. You can have money on your hands by selling these items to us. Our cash in hand policy is the best in the town. We have been dealing with scrap car services since 1991.

Our efficient client management will enable you to transfer your car tensions to us smoothly. You just have to call us at 416-540-0895 and will be at your door to help you. We offer best scrap removal services in Ajax, and you can trust our brand Happily. We assure you that top-notch Scrap Car Removal in Ajax will be relieved your burdens of scrapping your car.

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Quick Cash for Scrap Car Removal in Ajax

Cash and too from an old piece of Junk. It is undoubtedly great; by calling us, you can make a fortune of up to $10,000. The pricing will be according to the conditions and the model of the car.

We are just an hour away from you, even if you live in the remotest areas of Ajax we are committed to reaching you at our specified time.

We value your time. We also have a unique factor in offering free scrap services from your home. You don’t have to pay a single penny for that.

We will reach your doorstep to collect your Junk and that too free of cost, Thus saving you some extra money.


    Just provide some basic information about the service you need and we'll contact you!



    We provide top professional services for quick car removal
    Scrap Car Removal Services in Ajax

    What we Deal in?

    Here are some of the models and brands we deal in for our scrap:

    • Suzuki Car Scrap
    • Nissan Car Scrap
    • Damaged Jeeps and vans
    • Mitsubishi Car Scrap
    • Isuzu Car Scrap

    Moreover, we also deal with certain European, Chinese and rare types and models for our car scrap services. Our scrap yard is licensed and eco-friendly. We ensure safe disposal of the waste, under the environmental parameters issued by the government.

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    Why Choose US

    • The recycling of the auto parts of the vehicles enables us to contribute positively towards the environment.
    • Our 24/7 Service seven days a week will ensure you to call us anytime.
    • Our hassle-free paperwork shows the commitment we made to our clients.
    • Our Scrap Car Removal Service in Ajax, satisfaction is guaranteed.
    • You can earn up to $10,000.
    • Free towing and Excavating services
    • Amount mutually agreed, we offer cash in hand.
    • As we deal with various models, we have the leverage to offer you the best price in the market for your specific model.
    Cash for Scrap Car Removal in Ajax

    How to Get Quote

    Our steps of services are very simple; you need to call us or quote at 416-540-0895. We will guide you with everything. In most of the cases, customer worries about the paperwork what they need. That’s not a worry when you call us at get Scrap Car Removal in Ajax.

    we will guide you even about in minute details about what you have to prepare before scrapping your car.

    Our experienced staff will deal with your needs. Let us know which car you own. We will provide you with what paperwork you need. Ample time will be given for you to prepare.

    Scrap against up to the value of $ 10,000 is the deal you need. Some scrap companies may tell you to repair some parts of your scrap car before taking your Junk off the grid. That’s the difference you get from us and the experience we have in the specific field.

    How we Process the deal

    Ask your reputable mechanic to estimate how much repair the car requires and whether or not the sale price will improve once it is done. For example, if you put fifty thousand in a car of one million and it is hoped that it will be sold for eleven or twelve, then this expense is permissible. But if you have to sell higher, then do not increase your deficit. 

    • We will pick your car up. 
    • Negotiate the deal according to the market trends. 
    • Tell you about the papers that you need to have with you. 
    • Ensure you with ample time to gather them to check your personal belongings in the car. 
    • Once agreed on the Amount the cash will be on your hands with the blink of an eye.
    Scrap Car Yard Ajax

    Our credibility is what makes us in this business. We have been in the scrap business from the past three decades. The positive feedback from our customers is the one thing that satisfies us. Your trust is what we value. Our loyal list of our clients is the mark of satisfaction for us. We hope to improve our standards further, and your feedback will provide a way to improve that and help us to enlarge our circle of loyal based customers.

    As a top scrap car removal service in the Ajax, involving other parts of the car or scrap material, we first conduct market research, including competitive pricing and services, dump or recycling charges, pricing and profit margins. Consider applicable local, state and federal regulations and seasonal volume.