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Junk, the word seems disgusting and dirty. What if I told you that it worth money, and that too an ample amount of cash on your hand. If you have a junk car, You are likely to earn some cash in your wallet. We offer the best Junk Car Removal services in Ajax and provide you with the opportunity to make some money.


Junk car may be an unwanted and displeasing thing for you, but it’s valuable for us. We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You just have to make us call on 416-540-0895. We will reach you in an hour at your designated site. Our free towing and excavating facilities are the best in the market. You don’t worry about your locality; it’s our headache to reach you on the remotest sites of Ajax.

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We are Your Best Choice

We deal in almost all the major brands. This list goes from Old cars to Cash for vans, Wrecked Trucks, Damaged jeeps, Old bikes and motorcycles, Cash for Trucks and Cash for Utes. Moreover, we also deal with Chinese and European Brands. Once you made us the call. We will reach your desired destination. By calling us, you can make up to $ 10,000.  


Our experienced staff will guide you about the paperwork that you need to have with you. The paperwork you need to have with you includes:

  • Photo Card
  • Health Card license
  • Driver’s license
  • ID with Complete name and address and Photograph 

Junk car removal Ajax strictly complies with the environmental protection standards issued by the government. Once your car reaches our site, things that can recycle are collected from your car; we make sure that anything with the slightest value goes away from our site. We thoroughly check your junk car, examine the parts which can use for other vehicles. Our trained staff ensures that nothing goes to waste.


We work day and night for the satisfaction of our customers. We value you and your trust in us is the key factor that helps us to work efficiently. We work on the eco-friendly disposal of your car. 


We dispose of your junk car you are helping yourself with money and contributing towards the clean and secure environment for you and the generations to come.


We offer the best price in the market you can quote your price by simply filling out the form at our website. This will give you a clear image of what you can expect from us. We have not limited our service to cars only. If you have junk boats wrecked bikes, we collect them too. We are an authentic and licensed organization.


    Just provide some basic information about the service you need and we'll contact you!



    We provide top professional services for quick car removal
    Scrap Car Removal Services in Ajax

    Best Service And Your Satisfaction is Our Trademark.

    We offer you the best price of your junk car. We have large sums of collection to deal with. Other junk car removal services may ask you to improve or repair certain things in your car before they collect your junk. 


    The Junk Car removal Ajax does not comply with this.

    Your time is precious, it’s not meant to repair junk cars. It’s for your family and friends. You just have to sit back and relax. We will handle the rest. Remember our no.
    416-540-0895 the remedy for your mind.


    Our eco-friendly system ensures the disposal of hazardous waste. The metal from your car will be used for some other valuable stuff. You will be satisfied with yourself that you have done something for your environment and that too by making your wallet happy.


    Things that will attract you towards us include:

    • Trained and efficient staff to check for your junk.
    • Well negotiated market-oriented price.
    • Cash in hand, that too up to $ 10,000.
    • Our 24/7 Serve, we are just an hour away from you.

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    Why Junk Your Car OFF

    • Junks cars are a liability.
    • They remain an active pollutant towards the environment.
    • Earn some extra money.
    • Can reside a place for some new car after throwing your junk away.
    Cash for Scrap Car Removal in Ajax

    How to Make More Money for Junk Car

    We can offer you from our experience that might help you earn more before you sell your junk off. Cleanliness matters a lot; the first look will determine what you can expect from the buyer. The paperwork should be complete if you have all the documents on your side; you will likely negotiate well.


    Sometimes it’s better to quote in advance; this helps to retain a clear picture of what you can expect from the buyer. In this feel free to quote at our site. You have to place some information like your name email (that would not be shared) and which city you live in, Quote your price, the model of the car that is to be removed. 


    Always go for the Cash in hand options that will benefit you greatly. If you want to buy a new car and you do have junk in your garage, it is better to buy and sell your stuff from the same place. This will help you save some taxes and will not be an extra burden on your wallet.